Stone path between white plaster buildings looking out to the ocean and mountainside in Paros Greece


Limited Edition


White plastered house and courtyard overlooking the blue ocean and cloudy skies of Santorini Greece

Greek Summer

Limited Edition


White and orange buildings along the cliffs of Santorini Greece with the sun setting over the ocean behind

Mediterranean Nights

Limited Edition


Red and white rooftop of a church overlooking the city of Mykonos Greece and its bay full of boats


Limited Edition


OE 0017 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0017

Open Edition


OE 0036 - LIK Fine Art

OE 0036

Open Edition


White plastered church and courtyard on a rock cliff overlooking the ocean off Santorini Greece


Limited Edition


View overlooking a church rooftop with the sunset reflecting off the ocean and a sailboat off the coast of Santorini Greece

Sail Away

Limited Edition

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Front door patio and gate of home overlooking the ocean view of Santorini Greece

Santorini Terrace

Limited Edition