Emerald Shores

Limited Edition


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Coney Island, New York
I wanted to capture a special mood at Coney Island. Normally chock a block. I wanted the opposite- Calm, quaint and painterly. I knew this was going to be difficult in one of the world’s busiest beaches! I set the alarm early and headed out onto the shores at twilight. A morning fog cloaked the Horizon. This looked good. I chose a mid-winter morning. Only 2 lonely fishermen braved the shores. As the daylight lifted, the light was perfect. This was my chance. I took many different frames and angles and chose this for the gallery.

The bright green algae on the rocks almost glowed in the early morning hours, it provided a great contrast against the muted skies. While everyone was sleeping, or grabbing coffee, I was capturing the scene never to be seen again. It really portrayed a special, unseen side of Coney Island.

I hope you can feel the silence and solitude of this calm moving the way I felt. The waves lapping the ocean, the calmness on the morning air, and the pure simplicity of an image like this.

It’s what I chase light- the perfect light. That’s what it was about.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Emerald Shores - LIK Fine Art