Corner sample of a signed and numbered limited edition photograph featuring the signature of Master Photographer Peter Lik
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Peter Lik’s consummate devotion to artistic craftsmanship is world-class. Understanding and meeting exacting standards prompts every step of his distinct Peter Lik Style™. Peter feels strongly that this adherence to precision is what the finest landscape art both demands and deserves. State-of-the-art technology and traditional printing methods combine to create premium quality Peter Lik Style Prints™.

From the camera to your wall—LIK Fine Art is one of the only artist-owned facilities in the world that produces all work entirely in-house! This guarantees the highest quality photographic product possible.

"My ultimate goal is to share the magical moment with the world I witnessed through the lens - smell the forest, feel the sand beneath your feet, hear the ocean, taste the salt from the ocean’s misty air.” Peter

Insistence upon shooting with the highest resolution cameras and finest lenses available has long been a driving force behind his unmistakable technique. While great glass, huge sensors and state-of-the-art technology are very important, it’s important to "Remember, the music is not in the piano." Clement Mok

Fine art photograph of a pier in blue water with cloudy skies coming out of developer at Peter Lik’s Las Vegas based studio
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Whether it was his traditional analog film camera printed in a darkroom or a digital print from the latest digital camera—one thing has remained consistent: Peter has always found a way to deliver his signature Peter Lik Photography Style™ and Peter Lik Style Prints™ no matter what tools were available—and always in honor of Mother Nature.

Large Peter Lik fine art photograph coming off the printer
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The Details


Ansel Adams famously remarked that “The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.” Those words ring true decades later, whether the negative is digital or analog—quality control is critical and Peter leaves nothing to chance. While dedicating his life to shooting with the highest quality cameras and lenses possible - Peter also demands this same passion be evidenced in the print:

On our Limited Edition artwork we offer two different edition collections. The Limited Edition (LE) is up to 950 and the Artist Proof (AP) is up to 45.

- Limited Edition (LE) images are printed on silver halide material—a time-honored darkroom process that is slow and expensive - but delivers ultimate results.

- Artist Proof (AP) images are printed at double the resolution (610 DPI ) of the Limited Edition then finished to a museum grade acrylic with an additional anti-reflection of 91.5%—for the most discerning buyer. This special patented acrylic means you view your art virtually glare free from light sources in your home such as art lights, reflected sunlight, etc.

One key feature of the Peter Lik Style™ and Peter Lik Style Prints™ is the vibrance. In order to more accurately reproduce what Peter witnessed when he captured the image, the finest possible materials available today are utilized to best recreate the same feeling he experienced when he pressed the shutter.

The paper we print our images on is a silver halide photographic substrate. This material offers the best possible image quality because the photo emulsion layers (RGB) are incorporated in the material. With this technique, transition steps of density changes are super smooth, commonly referred to as continuous tone.

High Definition Artist Proofs

Lik Fine Art’s High Definition Artist Proofs receive an extra level of security with an embedded edition number in the lower right hand corner of the artwork. This special feature can only be viewed with a 10x magnification loupe and is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Light gray background of employees at the  assembly department of Peter Lik’s headquarters in Las Vegas.
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Edition Integrity

The LIK Fine Art Image Integrity Program was designed to ensure the security and genuineness of every Peter Lik Fine Art Limited Edition and Artist Proof and to minimize the risk of forgery or duplication. A serialized and numbered hologram is placed on the face of the Certificate of Authenticity and a second, identically numbered hologram is applied to the Versa Certificate found on the back of the edition. Lastly, a record of your hologram number is stored at the LIK Fine Art Corporate Headquarters. This combination of serialized holograms ensures the genuineness of each Peter Lik Fine Art Edition.

Detail of the black Certificate of Authenticity and Versa Card featuring Peter Lik’s signature and customized numbered hologram


To maintain the integrity of the image, Peter sourced the ultimate acrylic—manufactured to proprietary specifications—named “Crystal Clear©.” This new Crystal Clear© acrylic boasts precise thickness tolerance, UV Filtering, hard coat and color clarity. Printed images are intensified when it is mounted under Crystal Clear© acrylic, which highlights the vivid color and enhances the impression of depth. Looking through Crystal Clear© acrylic truly enhances the overall beauty of the image, adding another dimension compounding its lifelike appearance.


Traditional framing uses a matt board—we take it to the next level! Matts (also known as liners) are another critical component in the showcasing of the art. Our wood fibre matts are milled out of one complete piece of wood - ensuring there are no seams or joins. These are then wrapped in the highest quality, resilient, duck canvas, 100% cotton. This not only enhances the art, but adds strength and stability.


Our wood frame moldings are hand-crafted in the Tuscany region of Italy where generations of Italian craftsmen use time-honored techniques combined with state-of-the-art modern production processes to produce the finest quality and most aesthetically alluring moldings in the world. Old world exotic timber veneers are hand sanded and expertly finished to enhance their inherent warmth and intrinsic beauty. All of our exquisite finishes are veneered over kiln dried European pine that is carefully selected to meet only the highest standards. All timber is sustainably sourced and follows the most stringent reforestation guidelines.

Real alloy—real deal.

Our metallic frame moldings are also sourced from artisans abroad. The structural design of the Brushed Pewter provides strength to hold larger pieces of artwork and maintain the integrity of the frame. It also is suited for smaller pieces of artwork in which it allows the larger frame to become part of the artwork. The Florentine cross - brush finish is a complex pattern on the surface of the frame. It allows you to view the frame from many different angles and see the interweaving pattern that adds a unique perspective to the color.

Many of the frames that Peter sources are designed and produced exclusively for LIK Fine Art.


In every step of our manufacturing process the image is inspected before and after each phase to ensure the quality standards that Peter demands are consistently put into practice. We don’t practice assembly until we get it right, we practice assembly until we can’t get it wrong.

Pack and Ship

Peter’s insistence that all production be done in-house means the final and critical last act isn’t an afterthought. Special attention to superior packing practices and materials further protects your fine art from damage in transit—all under the one roof!

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Fine Art photograph by Peter Lik of New York’s Central park with benches and bare bark trees in a dark brown frame
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Peter Lik’s exclusive collection of awe inspiring fine art photography has been designed to completely transform the look of any interior space.

Light gray background of a home interior featuring a framed photograph of New York’s Central Park with bare trees