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Peter Lik's newest collection of fine art photography, curated to transport you to the world's most enchanting landscapes. Elevate your interiors with these newly released limited edition prints, embodying the spirit of discovery and the timeless allure of the natural world. Your journey into the heart of the exquisite awaits.

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Indulge in the allure of the most coveted creations with our handpicked, best-selling collection. Immerse yourself in a narrative of awe-inspiring beauty, all from the serenity of your home. Explore the collection, find your inspiration, and become a collector of Peter Lik's illustrious visual legacy.

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Elevate the ambiance of your home or office with the profound visual storytelling of Peter Lik’s photography. Each piece from the collection not only brings captivating imagery to your space but also carries the esteemed signature of Peter Lik, ensuring an authentic touch of artistry. The versatility and timeless elegance of every LIK Fine Art Open Edition photograph make them a seamless fit for any space, promising a blend of inspiration and aesthetic appeal.

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LIK Fine Art photograph featuring seaside rocks in Ireland, displayed above a dresser in a bedroom.
Portrait of Peter Lik taking a photograph on the beach in La Push, Washington.
Peter Lik, Master Photographer

I have dedicated my life to capturing the beauty of Mother Nature

LIK Fine Art photograph featuring the silhouette of a sea stack covered with trees, reflecting off the beach at sunset, with the stars and Milky Way visible in the sky behind.

“Growing up in Australia, I was surrounded by an incredible landscape that captivated. When I was eight, my parents bought me a camera – and after a fateful snapshot of a spider web in the family garden – I was hooked. My travels have taken me to the most amazing locations around the world capturing landscapes that I could only once dream of shooting. I am so grateful for the beauty of this planet and I will never stop sharing it.“

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Exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art Photography

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking allure of Mother Nature with Peter Lik's exquisite Limited Edition Fine Art Photography collection. Adorn your living spaces with Earth's mesmerizing beauty, be it a twinkling starry night, serene lakeside vista, majestic cascade, or a captivating mountain expanse.

Peter Lik's lens doesn't just capture nature's essence but also delves into the eloquent silence and charm of the man-made world. From majestic cityscapes to iconic aircrafts, every photograph invites you to explore a unique story. Tailor each image to resonate with your distinctive aesthetic, ensuring it mirrors your ideal vision perfectly.

Engage with our Art Consultant today to find that flawless piece which not just complements your space but also echoes your persona. Allow each photograph to not just embellish your environment but to also be a bridge to your inner self—making your soul feel right at home. Seize the opportunity to own the extraordinary, and let your space be a testament to the timeless allure of both natural and man-made wonders.