Cliffs of Colour

Limited Edition


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South Island, New Zealand
I had hiked the rugged and wild shores of New Zealand for three weeks in search of a series of emotive lighthouse images. I arrived at this location on a stunning day, the uninterrupted blue skies stretching on far beyond the azure waters. The arctic daisies in the foreground offer a sharp contrast to the image, and I chose a vertical format to exaggerate the precipitous feeling of the cliff face. I can still hear the sea otter playing in the kelp below, and feel the gentle sea breeze on my skin as it pushed past me in its path to the mainland. This classic image embodies a feeling of serenity and surrender to the majesty of a perfect natural landscape.  

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Rock ledge full of daisies overlooking the ocean with a lighthouse on a cliff in the background