Emerald Mists

Emerald Mists

Limited Edition

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Coney Island, New York
I wanted to shoot the calm of New York.  The moments and places people dream about but never see.  I chose the middle of winter and Coney Island.  I wanted silence and solitude to represent the shot.  Walking out on the beach in total silence was such a buzz. While everyone was huddled up inside I was up with this scene. The vibrant green almost florescent colors of the algae just glowing in the soft even lights in the morning was perfect. This was the fifth morning in a row at this location and I knew it was worth it.  Photography is all about capturing and sharing that special moment that very few people get to see at all, always thinking outside of the box.  When you think of Coney Island I want you to think calm and relaxed. It’s the exact opposite to all the theme parks that Coney is known for.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Emerald Mists