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Molokai, Hawaii
Molokai is one of the most unspoiled of the Hawaiian islands. Still embracing the ‘old’ way of life, the atmosphere unhurried and relaxed. I always strive to portray the true spirit of place, and I could think of nothing better to depict the real heart of Molokai than with a tranquil sunrise scene. On this balmy summer morning I set up on the shoreline with the distant island of Lanai just visible. The stillness and silence was complete with not even a whisper of wind to mar the glassy surface of the ocean. The converging clouds created an absolutely perfect reflection and through my lens, the entire scene looked like a pastel watercolor folded at the horizon. The traditional wooden rowboat adds depth and nodding aloha to a new day. A perfect pairing of man and nature existing in harmony. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition