Brush Wave

Brush Wave

Limited Edition

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Maui, Hawaii
Hawaii has always been a true paradise for me. Just thinking about these Pacific islands conjures up visions of a tropical sun and pristine, blue water. Relaxing. Calming. I am at home there. Time after time, I am drawn to Maui – one of my favorite places to shoot. As I stood on a majestic cliff, overlooking the rolling waves, I became inspired. Right there, in front of me, was the essence of my own personal paradise. I could see the orange sun reflecting off the ocean below. I knew I needed to capture all the amazing details that define this abstract image. To create this magical moment I used a few different shutter speeds to try and slow it all down and almost blend the light and reflections with the water. To me it looks like a beautiful brush stroke and that’s why I chose this name.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Brush Wave