Dusk Over Manhattan

Dusk Over Manhattan

Limited Edition

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Manhattan, New York
I had this shot framed up in the back of my mind. All I had to do is find the location to shoot from. What a monumental task that proved to be! After weeks of phone calls, emails and persistence, I was finally granted permission to an exclusive Brooklyn penthouse where I was graced with this spectacular view. The skies had been clear for a week, I needed some clouds. Tonight we sit – this is it, now or never. My head raced as I set off towards this dream location. I had to get the shot. As sun glow replete it’s magic over the city, I fired like a madman. I selected this frame which had the most mood and color. The Brooklyn Bridge just cradled this majestic city and a few clouds crept in to really make it hit. A long exposure soaked up the twilight – I knew I had it on film. Patience, passion, perseverance and persistence all really paid off. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Dusk Over Manhattan