Anchor Reflections

Anchor Reflections

Limited Edition

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Victoria, Australia
In the shadow of the cliffs of Moonlight Head on the coast of the Great Ocean Road, lies this monumental anchor, the last poignant reminder of the 100 year old wreck of the sailing ship Fiji. It stands like a soldier, firm in the line of a long forgotten duty against the thunderous seas of the heads. I wanted to portray the true mood and memory of this site, and chose sunset as the backdrop on which to set my scene. I waited, and watched the movement of the ocean, then selected my vantage, the perfect rock pool in the foreground providing a kaleidoscope of shapes and a strong reflection. As the dying sun painted her portrait in the skies, I too painted my portrait of a haunting history.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Anchor Reflections