Coastal Dreams

Limited Edition

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Due to limited availability, this Peter Lik masterwork cannot be purchased online. Please click the link below to speak to an Art Specialist.


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La Jolla, California
With photography I’m always challenging myself and constantly looking for innovative ways to capture the true spirit of Mother Nature. When this epic sunset revealed itself to me, I was totally blown away. I felt compelled to capture the total expanse of such a majestic scene. 

Using a normal camera ratio and format was too restricting, so I began searching for a way to encompass the width of the scene without compromising the file size. I had a special, one-off, multi camera rig, custom built for me by one of my mates. This allowed me to fire three cameras in sync – critical for this scene. I was bloody nervous but had to take the chance. The mega sunset cast its glow over the ocean and I had to move fast. This was not really the right time to field test this rig, but I had no choice. Every camera had to be focused, framed and fine tuned. 

Looking straight down the pier gave the image strength – its what I always look for in a shot. The colors just kept getting better. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The rig fired in harmony – the sound of the three shutters together was like music to my soul.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Waves crashing onto the beach and Scripps Pier in La Jolla California at sunset