Amber Dawn

Limited Edition


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Sydney Harbour, Australia
Sydney Harbour is absolutely magic at this time of the day—it is amazing to experience such calmness and silence in a location that is normally buzzing with activity. As the city slumbered, I made my way to a location that I had scouted the previous day—it truly felt like I was the only person awake. When the shroud of darkness lifted and the day arrived, I was stunned to see an incredible fiery cloud billowing across the horizon. It was made all the more dramatic by the absence of light emanating from the shadowed city. As the sun strengthened it backlit the amazing cloud, etching every detail into its underside and basking the harbour in a brilliant amber glow.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Rod iron fence at the edge of Sydney Harbor during the sunset glow with Sydney Opera House in the background