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LIK Fine Art Dallas Opens its Doors

Peter launches second gallery in lone star state

Peter Lik has officially opened the doors to 2,950 square feet of Earth’s most captivating visions at historical NorthPark Center, in the heart of Texas’ fast-growing metropolis. After months of planning and execution by the Master Photographer and local craftsmen, LIK Fine Art Dallas – designed to showcase both Artist and Collector favorites – is finally at home in a region that has given rise to so many of Peter’s favorite American legends.

With five years of success at LIK Fine Art Houston, Peter gave the green light to bring his passion to Dallas – an idea he had been considering for quite some time: “This is something that even goes back to childhood,” Peter reflected. “So many stories of the American frontier, and Westerns I watched as a kid, really spoke to my adventurous soul. It is an rewarding experience to be able to expand within a state that embodies so much beauty and history.”

Hosting more than 26 million visitors annually, NorthPark Center, is considered to be one of the top five shopping destinations in the country. Designed and built in the 1960s to serve as a “catalyst to link art and business for the benefit of all,” it boasts a lineup of premier dining, shopping, and entertainment: “NorthPark has been extremely gracious in allowing me to design and implement the gallery I envisioned,” said Peter. “I am extremely thankful for their support and ready share my most impactful images with the incredible people of Dallas.”

/ Step into LIK Fine Art Dallas today, and discover the world through the lens of Peter Lik.

Photo courtesy of NorthPark Center.