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Peter Lik Gifts Artwork to Variety School for Special-Needs Students

Updated 03/12/2024

Enriching Education with Art: Peter Lik's Photography Elevates Learning at the Variety School

The Variety School in Las Vegas, a pioneering institution for special-needs students, has embraced the transformative power of art in education. With the unveiling of its $18 million state-of-the-art campus, the school has integrated an exceptional collection of art into its learning environment. Nineteen breathtaking works by the internationally acclaimed photographer Peter Lik now adorn the halls, thoughtfully arranged to complement the school's themed areas: Sea Life, Desert, and Garden. This strategic incorporation of fine art not only beautifies the campus but serves as a cornerstone for educational enrichment and sensory stimulation.

Art Meets Education: The Thematic Harmony

Sea Life: Featuring Beyond Paradise, Castaway, River Moods, Water Patterns, and Island Hideaway this section immerses students in the serene beauty of aquatic environments.

DesertWith Temple of FireStone Temple, Heaven on Earth, Turning Time, Shine, and Fantail students explore the rugged elegance of desert landscapes.

Garden: Pristine Waters, Sierra Cascades, Passion, Cathedral Forest, Lasting Impression, Bamboo Forest, and selections from Lik's Zen Element Pack invite students into lush, verdant settings.

The Impact of Design on Learning

The decision to incorporate Peter Lik's photography into the school's design is grounded in research. Project architect Jim Lord highlights studies indicating that a school’s architectural and interior design elements can significantly influence students' academic performance and well-being. Lik's vivid landscapes offer more than aesthetic value; they are tools for engagement, inspiration, and tranquility, enriching the educational experience by connecting students with the natural world.

Peter Lik's Vision for Education

Renowned for capturing the sublime beauty of nature, Peter Lik's contributions to the Variety School underscore his commitment to leveraging art for educational advancement. Each photograph is a window to the wonders of the natural world, offering students a chance to explore, imagine, and learn in an enriched environment.

Embracing the Intersection of Art and Education

The integration of Peter Lik’s photography at the Variety School exemplifies the potential of art to transform educational spaces into hubs of inspiration and learning. As we witness the positive effects of such initiatives, the case for incorporating visual arts into educational settings becomes increasingly compelling.

+ Natural Wonders: The Extraordinary Photography of Peter Lik

To learn more about how art can enhance educational experiences and to view Peter Lik's contributions to the Variety School, visit and
Published 03/22/2013