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Lik Gifts Works To Special School

Las Vegas’ new state-of-the-art Variety School for special-needs students has added beauty to its curriculum: Nineteen works of internationally renowned photographer Peter Lik now grace the halls of the $18 million campus, with groups of pieces donated and installed according to the school’s themed areas:

"Beyond Paradise," "Castaway," "River Moods," "Water Patterns," and "Island Hideaway" for the "Sea Life" section.

"Temple of Fire," "Stone Temple," "Heaven on Earth," "Turning Time," "Shine," and "Fantail" for the "Desert" section.

"Pristine Waters," "Sierra Cascades," "Passion," "Cathedral Forest," "Lasting Impression," "Bamboo Forest," and two selections from Lik's "Zen Pack" for the "Garden" section.

While breathtaking, Lik’s art at Variety is not just for show - project architect Jim Lord cited studies that show how a school's design elements can influence students' academic performance.