Heaven on Earth

Limited Edition

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
The Grand Canyon has to be one of the most photographed places on earth. I’d made numerous trips from Vegas to the South Rim, shooting hundreds of rolls, but was still not satisfied. I was compelled to capture the grandeur of such an epic place. After doing a heap of research, I found a remote 4-wd track to the North Rim and decided to take the chance. I had my best mate, Mick, over from Australia and he was up for an adventure. The drive in was brutal; we watched an amazing storm roll in. Four hours later we arrived at the North Rim. We jumped out of the truck and looked over the edge–straight down over the edge, 4000ft. vertical. We were blown away. Late afternoon light blasted the cliffs and the stormy skies added a magical touch to the shot. Mick and I stood on the edge and shot roll after roll until it was completely dark. We were in total awe of the almighty landscape surrounding us. No one else was around except us two old mates–it’s a moment I’ll never forget. I can honestly say this is one of the most amazing scenes I have ever captured.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Sun shining through a storm rolling into the the North Rim Grand Canyon Arizona with the Colorado River below