Japanese Maple tree on a mossy hill with its branches of red and yellow leaves stretched out

Autumn Spirit

Limited Edition


Autumns Embrace - LIK Fine Art

Autumns Embrace

Limited Edition


Red leaves and branches of a Japanese Maple tree reaching out with the trunk and ground in the background

Autumns Flame

Limited Edition


Sun shining through the fern and moss covered forest within Olympic National Park Washington

Divine Light

Limited Edition


Enchanted Heart - LIK Fine Art

Enchanted Heart

Limited Edition


Hidden Mirage - LIK Fine Art

Hidden Mirage

Limited Edition


Infinity Tree - LIK Fine Art

Infinity Tree

Limited Edition


Japanese Maple tree filled with green and yellow leaves in front of a pond in Oregon

Inner Peace

Limited Edition

Sold Out

Branches with red and orange maple leaves hanging in front of a blue waterfall


Limited Edition


Tree of Beauty - LIK Fine Art

Tree of Beauty

Limited Edition


Japanese Maple tree filled with green and yellow leaves on a moss covered hill in Oregon

Tree of Serenity

Limited Edition


Japanese Maple tree filled with orange and red leaves in front of a pond in Oregon

Tree of Zen

Limited Edition

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Waterfalls - LIK Fine Art


Element Pack


Home to many of Peter Lik’s award-winning masterworks, the rich Northwest landscape offers a collection of majestic trees that stretch into the heavens and lush ravines that wind as far as the eye can see.

Discover the beauty and diversity of nature through amazing landscape photography artworks from Peter Lik! His portfolio showcases stunning pieces ranging from dramatic mountain peaks to tranquil shores across the world. Choose between unsigned Open Editions or signed Limited Editions in a variety of formats — framed or unframed, large-scale Epic prints or small Element Packs; all photo prints are available mounted under high quality acrylic glass for an extra touch of elegance. Don't wait any longer — purchase online or visit a gallery today!