Infinity Tree

Limited Edition


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Shooting the fall is extremely challenging, but totally rewarding. Timing is critical, all the elements of Mother Nature need to totally sync. The varying temperature and rainfall changes cause this tree to reveal its true colors. From green to orange to vibrant red! I didn't want to miss the peak color of this masterpiece. On day 1, the tree was green. Day 7 the tree was turning its hue to orange. The next days seemed liked an eternity as I waited for the tree to reveal its royal colors. Finally on day 10, my patience–or lack of–paid off. The weather had been totally uncooperative all week – windy + sunny – total nightmare to shoot. This afternoon, I knew exactly where to be and wait for the perfect moment. A wide-angle lens allowed the whole scene to come together. The composition was critical, as the trunk lines changed with every move. As I pushed the shutter, for 1 second total serenity surrounded me and I knew I had the shot.



45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Japanese Maple tree covered with moss and full of red and orange leaves growing in a patch of ferns in Oregon