Tree of Serenity

Limited Edition


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Being at one with nature is a powerful presence – it’s what I live for. We are constantly surrounded by beauty and sometimes you just have to feel it. Beneath the canopy of this tree is one of those moments I’ll never forget. It had just finished raining and the tree just popped with life. I studied the tree from all angles and took a series of shots from the outside. It was gorgeous. I wanted to push the composition even further and crawled beneath the canopy. I was blown away. This perspective was so powerful – the branches just reached out and told a story. The delicate leaves were like a veil – glistening with jewels of life – water. Instinct told me to put on a wide angle lens and capture this beauty. A nodal point tripod head enabled me to take a series of exposures to capture the entire beauty and width of this mesmerizing scene. Each exposure was one second – it felt like one hour I was so high on anticipation.

I hope you can feel the power and presence of the Tree of Serenity as I did when I pressed the shutter. Mother Nature is in our hearts – our DNA – we just have to feel it.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Japanese Maple tree filled with green and yellow leaves on a moss covered hill in Oregon