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Peter Lik Unveils his EPIC Collection at Las Vegas Market

Updated 03/19/2024

At the recent Las Vegas Market Design & Living Exhibition at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, Peter unveiled a massive six-panel, 24-foot by 7 ½- foot version of his masterwork Sacred Sunrise from his new LIK EPIC collection.

What are LIK EPIC Photos?

LIK EPICs are larger works specially designed for the corporate and sophisticated individual art collector marketplace. The pieces include many of Peter’s finest photographs and come in a range of sizes – but this was the first public showing of the 24-foot format. The pieces will soon become a fixture in many corporate spaces, hospitals, medical centers, hotels and other commercial establishments as well as larger homes.

Set Your Company Apart

Initial impressions count. And lasting impressions count even more. Having a LIK EPIC in a key space will say a lot about your business to your clients or guests the moment they enter. There’s also no better way to raise the spirits of those working in or around the space. 

Consider the facts:
+ Environment has a direct impact on business
+ A LIK EPIC makes a definitive statement about your company
+ You have the option of landscapes or cityscapes
+ Clients will enjoy coming back
+ Your LIK EPIC will be a conversation topic for clients afterwards
+ Each piece creates a “prestige factor” – luxury brand association
+ Waiting areas will have a more relaxed feel

Luxury Never Goes Out of Style

Be it a five-star hotel or other luxury accommodations, there are key ingredients in building return business, including service, facilities and location. But the level of style that a LIK EPIC can help create could very well be what your customers remember most.

The advantages LIK EPIC offers are numerous:
+ The visual highlight of any hotel room or condo
+ Each scene is like a home away from home… away from home
+ A LIK EPIC makes every stay more memorable
+ Creates a “mentally cleansing” mood
+ The supreme expression of good taste
+ Will have guests talking long after they leave

Add Much More to Your Decor

Style. Drama. Chic. Tranquility. The “wow factor.” Whatever the mood or image you are trying to set, whatever the message you are eager to convey, there are a few key ingredients that can help. But none will serve you better than a lik epic .

Create a unique ambience:
+ A wide selection of iconic photographs to choose from
+ Establish the tone that fits your vision
+ LIK EPIC scenes are always in vogue
+ Fine art from the world’s premier landscape photographer
+ Your space will have a “magnetic” focal point

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Peter Lik’s fine art photography has been the focal point in homes around the world for years. With lik epic, the effect is multiplied and the experience intensified.

Imagine what you gain:
+ A LIK EPIC expresses your taste and class
+ The freedom of nature in the comfort of your home
+ Art that can either be a focal point or decor starting point
+ The epitome of visual luxury
+ The ultimate dinner party conversation starter
+ A lifestyle asset

Put Patients at Ease

Medical environments are unique. And they need to fulfill unique functions. A feeling of calm. Reassurance is paramount. Lik epic s not only create such an atmosphere, they can have a therapeutic effect.

LIK EPIC prints are ideal for medical facilities:
+ They make medical environments more welcoming and comfortable
+ Studies have shown nature scenes to be therapeutic
+ They bring the relaxing tonic of nature to any space
+ Nature cleanses the psyche
+ Conducive to good mental health

Published 08/11/2011