Silent Reflection

Limited Edition

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Aomori, Japan
Spending months in Northern Japan, shooting the late fall, was an experience I’ll never forget. Hundreds of temples, gardens, and hiking trails overwhelmed me, yet kept me searching for more. I was not going to miss any hidden treasures on this adventure. Escaping the Kyoto crowds at the top of the island proved to be a worthwhile mission. The colors in Aomori were at their peak—now, it was all about finding the pure natural Zen I live for. I discovered this isolated section of stream, the red leaves glowed like little lanterns. I needed to use a long exposure to give the flowing river the true, painterly feel I was looking for. Capture after capture was ruined halfway through, the smallest breath of wind causing the leaves to blur. Suddenly, the air became still, I quickly pressed the shutter one last time, hoping to capture this moment before the light was gone. The seconds felt like hours! 10 seconds later and I had the shot I was chasing. It really was a reflection of silence.

20 Artist Proof / 200 Limited Edition

Branches covered in red maple leaves reaching over a black rocky river in Japan