Peaceful Morning

Limited Edition


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Fraser Island, Australia
When I’m out shooting, I’m constantly chasing a mood or a feeling in an image. The camera just records an image, but the print is open to interpretation. I hiked to the shore of Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island in total darkness and set up my tripod on the shore. As twilight crept in, a stunning purple glow rolled over the horizon, and the mist crept across this silent scene, only to be broken by the sound of my shutter. The reeds in the foreground added a serene element to this composition; a delicate balance to the shot. To be at one with nature is such a powerful, uplifting feeling. It’s what I live for, to capture moments like this to share with you.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Reeds in the foreground of Lake McKenzie Australia surrounded by brush covered hills during a pink and purple sunrise