In Search of the Sun

Limited Edition


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Centerville, Washington
I’ve had this in my mind for years, just waiting for the right opportunity. This early morning, I hiked to the hilltops of Centerville, drawn to the radical shaped trees following the sun’s path. I needed a clear horizon and the sun to totally reveal its glory entirely. The right tree, the wrong angle. The right angle, the wrong tree. But I felt something. The first light crept in faster than expected and I was totally under the hammer to capture the magic. I moved from behind one tree and the moment revealed itself. I loaded up the monster 1200mm lens and the combination of the Earth and sun was there, watching the sun rise from beneath the horizon. I was searching for the sun and I found it!

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Giant yellow sun rising into a red sky behind the silhouette of a tree and hillside in Centerville Washington