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Maui, Hawaii
I honestly believe that everything I’ve ever done in photography led me to this morning, this moment - this photograph. After camping the night under storm laden skies, I awoke with a feeling of expectancy - I somehow knew I was about to be presented with a very special gift. I hiked down to the shoreline by torchlight. Within minutes dawn began to break over the horizon, and the warm wind picked up, covering me with a heavy salt spray. I balanced precariously on the slippery lava-rock frantically shooting as the strengthening sun blazed through the clouds - I knew I only had minutes before this magnificent lightshow was over. Then for one moment, all went quiet - the wind died down and everything seemed set in slow motion. The silent ocean gathered herself back to form an incredible backlit wave and I realized that this was it – the moment I had come here for. My 1 second exposure felt like an eternity and I held my breath. I heard the click of the shutter and watched that one perfect wave fall away - I knew I had captured the shot of my life.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Waves crashing onto a rocky beach in Hana Hawaii with the sun rising into a cloud filled sky