Forbidden Ember

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The Big Island, Hawaii
In the past, when I’ve thought of volcanos, I’ve thought of the towering peaks and grand landscapes. As if to warn me of impending danger with the intensity of the 3000 degree heat and the scent of the sulphur in the air, Mother Nature gave me this fleeting glimpse at the source of the raging volcano’s power. I rapidly fired a series of shots pushing myself and my equipment to the absolute limit. When I couldn’t stand the heat a second longer, I stopped and moved away from the river of lava moving at 25 miles per hour. Later, this window into the heart of the volcano closed, never to be seen again. I had been given the gift of timing. I didn’t want to jeopardize my equipment or the rest of my shoot by staying put any longer. 

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Close up of lava showing through a hole in a black lava field of Kilauea Hawaii