Desert Heart

Desert Heart

Limited Edition

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Arches, Utah
North Window is one of the most breathtaking locations I have ever experienced. Perhaps that is why I find myself returning so often, experimenting at different times of the day and from all angles. Being up there is practically indescribable. A feeling of total calm just washes over me every time I visit. This day, the temperatures were beautiful, and the conditions were just unreal. As I waited for sunset, the atmosphere grew even quieter with the exodus of other tourists and sightseers in the area. The elements around me fell into perfect synchronization, thanks to Mother Nature. Now, it was just me and the incredible view of the entire desert landscape. I angled the camera upwards to reveal the contrast of the blue sky against the textured, sunlit grounds below. Tones of red, orange, yellow, and gold stretched out before me with specs of green brush staggered about. It was like shooting on Mars. Finally, as the layered background began to dim slightly, I took the shot. This is what I came for. The soul of Utah framed perfectly by Mother Nature herself.  

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Desert Heart