Dark Side of the Moon

Limited Edition


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Death Valley, California
The power of a full moon really affects my emotions. I timed a trip out to Death Valley with hopes to capture this lunar presence. I woke up at 4:00A, and hiked over the salt flats that I had scouted out the day before. The whole landscape was still and calm, lit by the full moon. As the white salt flats reflected this magical light, I stood in amazement. Isolated and surrounded by the quiet mountains – the only sound was the salt crunching beneath my feet. I was 282 feet below sea level and the feeling was incredible. A slight glow on the horizon indicated sunrise and I frantically searched this moonscape for the perfect salt patterns. It was a race against time. Once I found the place, I quickly set up my tripod and captured this magical panoramic scene. I chose my Noblex panoramic camera with a special revolving lens, to capture the vastness and entire mood of the scene. Minutes later the moon vanished behind the mountains and the moment was gone. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Full moon over the salt flats of Death Valley California at sunrise