Crimson Tides

Crimson Tides

Limited Edition


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Page, Arizona
Seeing an abstract world through the  lens is what I live for – it opens up a true individual interpretation of the image. A long exposure gave this image a painterly feel – the light bounced off the walls, filling in the shadows. The red, purple and crimson tones really pumped up the image – it made me feel good. The smooth, sensual, flowing curves were carved out by wind and water over time creating this amazing sculpture. An overhead wind whistled through the canyon as I pressed the shutter, totally enhancing the power and bond with Mother Nature’s soul.

What do you see in this masterpiece of nature, and how does it make you feel? I see waves and movement, as if an ocean of sand and stone revealed its magic deep in the gorgeous canyon. It’s a beautiful world we live in – I appreciate it one day at a time.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Crimson Tides
Crimson Tides

*Size estimation based on 8’ wide couch