Bridge to the Universe

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Canyonlands, Utah
One of my favorite places is high up on the remote plateau in the Canyonlands of Utah—Mesa Arch! Include the surreal beauty of the Milky Way and the result would be an incredible vista! I wanted the two worlds to converge in order to bring out the surreal beauty that I envisioned. 

With this image in mind, I knew that I needed to get multiple shots and blend them together—a technical challenge, but one I was eager to accept. I would be on location at midnight to photograph the stars, then wait to greet the morning sun and capture the twilight as the darkness of night slowly turned to dawn.

Being very familiar with this area, I knew the exact location I wanted to setup and shoot. It was bloody freezing! The hike in gave all my equipment some time to acclimate to the cold conditions which otherwise might result in a fogged lens. In the cold darkness, I set up my tripod, camera and startracker. The startracker is necessary because the earth and stars do not rotate at the same speed. 600 second exposures were needed to emphasize the light that is not visible to the human eye. Longer shutter speeds effectively capture the brilliance of the worlds beyond and are like looking into another world, a world we know is out there!

Once the Milky way had been photographed, a long wait for the morning sky to reveal herself was my next challenge. Too much cloud cover and the shot would be ruined. I had to bracket my morning shots because if I didn’t the Mesa Arch would simply become a dark silhouette. Right at daybreak, a magical glow was cast on the horizon. It looked just like a painting—the soft colors and gentle hues.

The resulting image ended up going beyond even what I had been envisioning! The evocative atmosphere was unmistakably like a bridge to the universe beyond! 

45 Artist Proof / 450 Limited Edition

Bridge to the Universe - LIK Fine Art