Endless Summer

Limited Edition

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La Jolla, California
The California coast is a truly magical place and I really wanted to capture that on film. This pier held a strong composition for me, blending man-made architecture with nature. Long summer days covered the La Jolla coast with a blanket of mist that I thought would never lift. For days I didn’t even see the sun and I was really starting to “lose it.” I needed backlit color to shoot this, giving depth and clarity to the converging lines of the pier. Shooting beneath the pier gave the image a unique perspective. Finally I was rewarded when I returned to this magic place for the seventh night. There was a narrow window of opportunity as I could see the sky closing in again. I only needed a few seconds! I frantically set up the camera and fired off a series of shots. The clouds moved quickly and a brief burst of color filled the sky. The wait was worth it. I walked away with the image that had been eluding me. Photography. Love it! And I’m glad to share that feeling with you.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Waves crashing under the pier and onto the beach in La Jolla California on a stormy day