Eternal Eagle

Limited Edition


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New York, New York
Finding the right angle to shoot New York City from was a total challenge. I had to stay clear of all the classic tourist spots. High level security and bureaucracy were my two main concerns. I had to get to the top of the world’s most iconic building – the Chrysler Building. I had tried for weeks, with no return phone calls, blank messages. I was getting frustrated, worried, – would this ever happen. I then decided to change my tact and called up a high end banking guru and see if he had any ideas. Anyway, the call finally came through. I was granted a tight window of time to allow access to this world class iconic location.

“Meet me in the lobby at four”the voicemail came through –abrupt simple and to the point. Upon arrival I was greeted by head of security and two bodyguards. This was serious shit. “Follow me.”

We went right to the freight elevator and I knew this was it. Opening the doors, the gargoyles right in front of me. I was totally overwhelmed. I only saw them in old NYC photos. Now I was face to face with them! I had 360 degree access and had to work fast to find the last angle in the last light. I just loved how the Empire State Building framed itself perfectly over the top of the amazing gargoyles. Two of NYC and the world’s great icons in one frame –Chrysler and Empire. As my hands were tingling, I took a series of shots as a moody, dusk sky rolled in. This panoramic format draws you in and shows you the worlds most amazing skyline. I felt like I was up in the clouds with the birds.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Metal eagle head statue overlooking the city of New York on a cloudy day