The Perfect Storm - LIK Fine Art

The Perfect Storm

Limited Edition


Ancient Glory - LIK Fine Art

Ancient Glory

Limited Edition


Magical City - LIK Fine Art

Magical City

Limited Edition


Sound of the Sea - LIK Fine Art

Sound of the Sea

Limited Edition


Zion Nights - LIK Fine Art

Zion Nights

Limited Edition


Canyon Dreams - LIK Fine Art

Canyon Dreams

Limited Edition


Single tree in the middle of rows of purple lavender under a cloudy sky filled with stars and the milky way

Spirit of the Universe

Limited Edition


Silver DC-3 airplane in the middle of an open metal hanger in Aurora Oregon looking out to a cloudy sky at sunset

First Flight

Limited Edition


Night Dreams - LIK Fine Art

Night Dreams

Limited Edition


Peter Lik’s award-winning landscape imagery continues to push the boundaries of fine art. Discover his top selling masterworks and instantly transport your soul to the most beautiful places on Earth.