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Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, a city that never ceases to amaze, was long overdue for a new reveal. The skyline, now boasting the recent additions of Allegiant Stadium, T-Mobile Arena, and the Sphere, called for a fresh perspective. This year was perfect for the task, as the stadium was selected to host the highly anticipated big game – adding even more buzz to this already electric city.

Capturing the essence of this dynamic atmosphere, amplified by these new architectural marvels, was a unique challenge. Despite multiple attempts to find the perfect view of the stadium, nothing seemed to capture the grandeur – and with no vantage points from that part of town, the situation was not looking good.

The breakthrough came with the decision to take to the skies – and there was no better choice than to dial up our longtime partner, Maverick Helicopters. With a friendship forged through numerous adventures to the Grand Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip, they were the go-to partner for this special image.

With a careful eye on the weather, we locked in a day that had potential for cloudy skies – perfect to add drama to the scene. Timing was crucial to ensure both the enchanting sunset and the nocturnal allure of the city. The ride was nothing short of exhilarating. Rapidly ascending, the helicopter made a beeline for the dome. The view was amazing, offering a breathtaking panoramic. Navigating the sky with precision, the stadium, along with the surrounding cityscape, was captured from every possible angle and altitude. From the ground, Vegas is a whirlwind of lights and sounds, an endless party – but from the sky, it's a sprawling canvas of ingenuity.

From the glowing lights of the Strip to the impressive silhouette of Allegiant Stadium, this image is a tribute to Las Vegas, and a celebration of its ever-changing skyline. A meeting of the right moment, the right light, and a city that never fails to inspire.

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45 Artist Proof / 450 Limited Edition

Discover the magic of Las Vegas from a new perspective. Fly over Allegiant Stadium and more in breathtaking aerial views of the city's skyline.