Abstract Photography

Discover the fascinating world of abstract photography from Peter Lik's and LIK Fine Art. Redefining reality with a unique lens on form, color, and composition, each piece invites a deeper interpretation, unveiling the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Blurred yellow and white forest with green grass foreground in Aspen Colorado

Aspen Moods

Limited Edition


Blurred sand beach ocean and sky in Montauk Long Island

Atlantic Moods

Limited Edition


Blur II - LIK Fine Art

Blur II

Element Pack


Blurred forest of orange birch trees in Colorado


Limited Edition


Close up of a calm river rolling over rocks reflecting the yellow Autumn colors of the Colorado forest


Limited Edition


Moon shining through a blurred snow covered forest in Aspen Colorado

Moonlight Shadows

Limited Edition


Close up of reflections of the Autumn colored trees on a pond in Central Park New York


Limited Edition


Blurred forest of brown trees surrounded by a field of red grass

Secret Forest

Limited Edition


Blurred red and white forest with a green and yellow grass foreground in Aspen Colorado


Limited Edition