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Telluride, Colorado
The process of creating “Illusion” was intense. I was alone and at one with nature. Brush strokes of sunlight were slowly painting the sky orange... I felt humble witnessing such a powerful scene of Nature’s grandeur. 

I withdraw reality and let you fill it with your own emotion, opening a whole new world of visual pathways. Absorb the image... The Illusion takes over... Sunlight becomes more and more vivid filling the blue forest with warmth... Misty lines sharpen ... Finally, the trees start moving caressed by the wind gently drifting through their branches... Time is no longer relevant. Witness pure creation... 

We box ourselves behind concrete walls. We gaze at the sparkling beauty of stars less and less... “Illusion” is my message to you. Break the walls... Open your heart to Mother Nature’s presence... This is where we come from. This is where our souls gain strength. 

Edition of 1