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Peter Lik Releases First Stunner of 2016, Rouge

Updated 07/28/2023
The American Southwest is widely known as one of Peter’s most captured landscapes since his first visit to The States in 1984.

Therefore, it is no shocker that the Artist’s first major release of the year brought him, once again, to the rich forests of Utah – a vast region, brimming with majestic aspen trees and vibrant, multicolored flora. On Saturday, February 6th, Peter officially released Rouge to the delight of collectors around the world, a festive vision caught on the cusp of winter that proved to be a challenge well worth taking on.

While the Southwest is often associated with sweeping deserts and deep canyons, it is also home to some of the most beautiful and complex forestry this country has to offer. Nobody knows that better than Peter, who went to great lengths to shoot the essence of the season’s breathtaking gifts: “Hiking through this forest was bloody hard work,” describes the Artist. “But, I knew there would be a reward at the end of my journey.” For the first few days, extremely sunny skies beat directly down on the white aspens below, providing Peter with a scene that would be extremely difficult to expose. So, the Artist waited patiently.

It took a total of five days before he was face-to-face the just the right conditions. After waking hours before dawn, and searching through the dark woods with nothing but a flashlight as his guide, Peter made his way to this magical location and set up his gear. As the morning rolled in, the Artist was “blown away” by the harmony of this moment: “The dawn slowly eased into the forest as a gentle mist descended in the background,” Peter remarks. “Total silence and the smell of the forest put me in a moment of Zen that I will never forget.” Rouge, the latest breathtaking image from a true master of landscapes, can now be acquired through any of Peter’s 13 galleries around the country.

/ Discover the majesty of Peter’s first release of the year, Rouge.

Published 02/09/2016