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Master Photographer Peter Lik to Judge Epson International Pano Awards

Updated 07/28/2021

The Epson International Pano Awards has a new judge on its panel! This year, Peter will join the world’s top photographers and industry professionals as a main judge in competitions for the Open, Amateur and VR/360 Awards.

Peter is no stranger to these prestigious awards, having been honored in the professional level competition for several of his masterworks including Antelope Cathedral,  Beyond Paradise, and Sacred Sunrise over the years. “I’m thrilled to be a judge in this year’s competition and can’t wait to see what these great photographers have to offer," Peter said about the competition.

Recognized as the largest competition for panoramic photography, the Pano awards is open to professional and amateur panoramic photographers worldwide who can vie for a combined $40,000 in awards ranging from high-end cameras to cash prizes.

Think you have what it takes? Early bird entries can be submitted until Sunday, July 14th and are open to professional, non-professional/amateur and student photographers.

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Published 07/09/2013