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LIK SOHO Thriving After 8 Years in NYC’s Fine Art Hub


Peter’s Manhattan Gallery Celebrates Anniversary of November 2008 Launch

In 2008, Peter opened the LIK SOHO Gallery in heart of The Big Apple’s competitive art scene, drawing in crowds with its enchanting aesthetics (all personally designed by the Artist), well-informed staff, and vast collection of award-winning landscape photographs. Now, eight years on, LIK SOHO has become a standout amongst the most respected and renowned galleries of the area – increasing in sales and visitors with every passing anniversary.

It was a thrilling opening in November for Peter and LIK SOHO’s staff, as they readied for the influx visitors, who were clamoring to get a firsthand look at the Artist’s remarkable work: “It was a very exciting and unnerving time for the team, who were not 100% sure of what to expect from the untapped New York audience,” recalls LIK USA’s National Sales Director, Jeremy Meeter. “However, since its 2008 launch in the trendy downtown neighborhood of SOHO, business has soared every year, representing a warm welcome from locals and tourists alike. There are not many New York-based galleries that can say that.”

Peter Lik SOHO Photography Gallery

Voted Best Gallery in New York State, 2015 by the American Art Awards, LIK SOHO has undoubtedly remained on the cutting-edge throughout its 8-year run. Guests are captivated by the gallery’s rotating display of Peter’s endless portfolio – which includes tributes to local landmarks, such as collector favorite, Empire – and a peaceful setting of neutral tones that allow the Artist’s work to truly “pop,” as Meeter puts it. With a rich history and another year of successful growth behind it, LIK SOHO has certainly earned itself a celebration.

Happy Anniversary, Pete!