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LIK SOHO Voted Best Gallery in New York

Updated 09/26/2023
Established in 2008, the American Art Awards has since “introduced the most prominent and respected galleries” to artists and art lovers all over the world.

Each year, the organization selects and promotes 25 distinguished galleries from across the country, considered to be “remarkably proficient and accomplished.” This year, LIK SOHO was announced as the Best Gallery in New York State, 2015 and, according to a recent statement from the American Art Awards, “one of the Best 25 Galleries in the Nation, 2015.”

President and co-founder of the American Art Awards, Thom Bierdz (known for his acting role on TV’s The Young & The Restless) had nothing but praise for Peter’s New York gallery: “American Art Awards studies thousands of galleries each year, and we are so enamored with LIK SOHO and all of Peter Lik’s 15 galleries. Lik creates magic – with a camera – as well as with exceptional business savvy and PR likability as a gallery owner.”

Such honors could not have meant more to Peter who, for over a decade, has been carefully designing and constructing his many U.S.-based fine art photography galleries, such as LIK SOHO – creating tranquil environments by utilizing the most exquisite and natural materials. Peter’s passion for all of these exclusive locales, adequately helmed by highly trained professionals, is only outmatched by his love for Mother Nature’s landscapes: “I am happily stunned and extremely proud!” Peter exclaimed. “I owe a huge thanks to the American Art Awards for helping to make 2015 such an awesome year for me and my dedicated staff!”

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Published 05/12/2015