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LIK MANDALAY's Star-Studded Opening


LIK Mandalay held it’s Grand Opening and Unveiling of Moonlight Reflections on February 25, 2012. The star-studded event attracted over 600 attendees to include his Elite and famous Celebrity Collectors such as Comedian and Entertainer Carrot Top, star of Peepshow and Dancing with the Stars Holly Madision, Joey Fatone who also starred in Dancing with the Stars and N’SYNC, world famous magician and star of Believe, Criss Angel, and Paul Shortino of Quiet Riot.

The highly anticipated event was captivated by Peter Lik’s very rare public appearance. To commemorate the evening, the artist gifted his collectors with a commemorative edition that only the attendees received.

In addition, Peter Lik unveiled his latest release entitled River of Zen. This exclusive event was a huge success and attracted media on a national level. Don’t miss the next event. Contact your local Gallery Director.