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LIK Galleries Freshen up Collections for the Season

With an endless portfolio of stunning landscape images, there is practically no way for Peter’s galleries to showcase all of his works at one time. That’s why, with the changing of every season, LIK Gallery Directors at all 13 locations around the country are hard at work updating their surroundings with both recent releases and a hearty selection of Peter’s hidden gems. With over 200 shots being changed out during this spring’s “gallery refresh,” it is one of the boldest transformations of the past few years. Yet, Peter Lik fans need not fret. Many of the Artist’s classic award-winners, such as Allure and Eternal Beauty, will remain alongside the breathtaking lineup of newcomers.

Any collector, entering a LIK Gallery for the first time since March, is sure to enjoy a completely updated, visual experience. Many highly sought-after releases of the past year – 15 total – have been added to each location, including Wild Blue and Vintage, from Peter’s Aviator Series, and his Waves Series stunner, Ocean Trance. Also new on display, are the first four protégé images from Peter’s longtime assistant, Mark Thurman, who has spent years under the Artist’s masterful guidance and is an initial participant in the aptly titled Peter Lik Protégé Program. His work, Tranquil Reflections (above), is already in high demand amongst collectors.

Aside from enjoying this incredible assortment of new works, gallery visitors who show up in the next few weeks are sure to marvel at a host of Peter’s previous accomplishments, due for their time in the spotlight. Meanwhile, LIK Gallery Directors are scheduled to refresh their locations every few months, which means a potentially unique experience with every visit: “We have totally injected new life into each location with this massive change up,” says Peter. “Having these newly added images on display is like a breath of fresh air, and I couldn’t be happier to share them with my collectors.”

/ Step into any LIK Gallery today and check out the new lineup!