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LIK FORUM Celebrates Seven Years at Caesars Palace

Updated 08/12/2022

Peter Lik’s thriving Vegas gallery remains a standout amidst casino’s luxury mall

In 2005, when the legendary hotspot on The Strip offered Peter a space for his first and longest-running Las Vegas gallery – LIK CAESARS – it was not only a dream come true for the Artist, but the beginning of a prosperous relationship with the famed locale. Four years later, as inevitability would have it, Caesars Palace was thrilled to offer Peter yet another location to showcase his acclaimed landscape images and personally construct as he saw fit. Now, LIK FORUM, which has evolved multiple times since March of 2009, is a highly sought after destination – perfectly nestled among the high-end boutiques of The Forum Shops at Caesars.

No stranger to interior and exterior design, Peter has always played a huge role in the gallery’s aesthetics: “It is so important to create the right mood and feel,” he states. “With each incarnation of LIK FORUM, I have aimed at providing an atmosphere that guests can escape into – a place to lose themselves in the amazing gifts of Mother Nature.” The most recent construction, completed just last year, includes beautifully curved walls that guide visitors along a series of stunning landscapes, along with a transparent glass façade for unobstructed views of Peter’s work.

The Forum Shops at Caesars is certainly the perfect home for Peter’s work –welcoming thousands per year, eager to experience 160 luxury stores and specialty shops that line the ancient Rome-themed walkways. Upon entering LIK FORUM, guests will marvel at a massive 3-panel LIK EPIC of famed image, Tree of Serenity, and be captivated by a vast collection from an award-winning portfolio. Peter could not be prouder of the gallery’s recent milestone: “To be continually embraced on my own stomping grounds is an incredible feeling,” he remarks. “Caesars has been such a fantastic partner here in Vegas and I am truly grateful to remain featured at their flagship establishment.”

Happy Seven-Year Anniversary, Peter!

/ Step into LIK FORUM and discover the world through the lens of Peter Lik.

Published 03/25/2016