Worlds Apart

Limited Edition


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Huangshan, China
What a sight. As I gazed up at the majestic Mt. Huangshan, I felt like I was part of some incredible Middle-earth fantasy. My eyes widened with the realization that this was not a dream, but an actual landscape forged by the powers of nature. Just look at it. It is like the most perfect model, carefully and painstakingly constructed over the course of millions of years by the most skilled of craftsmen.  A hazy fog swirled about the rocky structure adding so much depth and intrigue to the background. Meanwhile, the closer of the peaks remained perfectly free of mist, creating the illusion of two worlds colliding in one abstract vision. There was no time for me to waste – I needed to capture this moment before the scene disapeared in front of my eyes.  The result is a dream – one that I relive every time I look at it. This is my one and only shot from this area. I was lucky to see
10 feet in front of me for the 3 days I was perched up there.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Hazy fog swirling through the rocky mountains of Huangshan China covered in green trees