Vintage Skies

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Aurora, Oregon
So many DC-3’s had been drafted for wartime use in the 1940’s, and I wanted to capture the sense of mystery the pilots must have felt before take off. The morning sky on this day was the perfect aesthetic to create that vision. In the distance, you have these ominous clouds that resemble the unknown – with gleaming rays of hopeful light that are just starting to break through. From this rear angle, you can almost imagine what it feels like to launch into the atmosphere without knowing what the future holds. The craft itself is like a soldier about to go into battle, perfectly streamlined and aerodynamically forged to glide through the blustery winds of the sky. I can almost feel the soul of this machine – brave, dignified, and at the ready to serve its country.

10 Artist Proof / 200 Limited Edition

DC-3 airplane on a runway in Aurora Oregon looking off into a stormy sky with light ray shining through