Twilight Reflections

Limited Edition


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La Push, Washington
The Olympic peninsula in Washington has a truly magical presence–with isolated beauty and incredible energy. I wanted to capture this on film. I hiked through the lush jungle out on to the beach at sunset. Fresh rainfall filled the air with a beautiful scent I will never forget. I timed the shoot with a very low tide, giving me the reflections I was chasing. It was like walking on water. I searched the shores for an angle that spoke to me. The keyhole in the background rocks was amazing, and the offshore seastars reflected their beauty as I framed up the shot. For only a few seconds, the sky roared into a fiery pink and I rapidly took a series of shots. Not long after, the sky became dark, and the moment was over. I packed up my gear and hiked back under the floodlight, I knew I had captured something special. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Silhouettes of the rock sea stacks and shoreline along Second Beach Washington at sunset