Tree of Hope

Tree of Hope

Limited Edition

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Charleston, South Carolina
This aged oak tree in South Carolina had such an amazing presence. I had spent over five days in Charleston waiting for the ideal time to shoot, and I wasn’t leaving before the light changed. On the sixth day, I woke to the sound of rain on the roof, and I headed out to the 1500-year-old giant, first thing in the morning. It was absolutely magnificent. The gorgeous tree had decided to reveal all her true beauty. The overnight rain brought a whole new dimension of life to the fern and moss–it was truly magical. I took a series of shots in between the rain, and I was in total awe, at one with past. Imagine the stories this tree could tell: surviving the harsh elements of nature–cyclones, storms and fire, and the biggest threat of all–mankind. Naming her the “Tree of Hope” comes from a feeling I had, hoping that she will continue to radiate her incredible wisdom and beauty for future generations to enjoy. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Tree of Hope