The Guardian of New York

The Guardian of New York

Limited Edition

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Manhattan, New York
The Manhattan Bridge, often celebrated for its visible grandeur, was the subject used to capture a view of New York City from a vantage point seldom explored. This perspective reveals the meticulous craftsmanship behind each component: every nut, bolt, and girder is a testament to engineering as an art form.

I positioned myself directly beneath the bridge, armed with a wide-angle lens, to encapsulate this grandeur in a way that's rarely witnessed. This setup allowed for a dramatic perspective, emphasizing the bridge's linear contours and its imposing presence against the cityscape.

To further accentuate the bridge's majestic stance, I took a bold step in the photography process. By intentionally overexposing the background cityscape, I shifted all focus to the bridge itself. This technique successfully highlighted the bridge, making it stand out amidst a backdrop of overexposed light, creating an interplay of calmness and strength within the frame.

I hope to convey more than just the physical attributes of the bridge. It is an invitation to perceive our urban environment with a new lens, to find beauty in the overlooked, and to celebrate the legacy of architectural ingenuity that shapes our daily lives.

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The Guardian of New York