Swift River Mist

Limited Edition


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White Mountain, New Hampshire
After a week of bland sunny skies on the East Coast, I was getting frustrated with this poor lighting. Finally, after day eight, I was woken in the night by heavy raindrops on the roof of my camper. Finally the low pressure system I was praying for has arrived. As I hiked out through the forest, the mood was all here. The rain had soaked all the color, and morning mist gathered on the mountains. I climbed up the side of the cliff and chose a strong angle, shooting down on this scene. An orange tree in total peak was surrounded on the rocks by fallen leaves. This scene could not have been more perfect. As the river flowed it brought that special smell of the fall forest with it. I took a series of shots and chose this one for my galleries—like looking through a window into this wonderland.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Swift River Mist - LIK Fine Art