Sunrise Skies

Sunrise Skies

Limited Edition

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New South Wales, Australia
What a sunset! It was one of those classic Hawai’ian days – hot, humid and romantic. I was in awe the entire day, watching the clouds changing and reflecting their magic in the Pacific Ocean. I could feel something was going to happen. I had shot the coastline of many beaches, searching for that perfect angle to capture the true paradise of Hawai’i. I shot this jetty from both sides but felt a strong connection as I looked straight down it. The colors on the horizon blasted quickly and I stood in total awe as I witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets of my life. I could just sit in the little hut, look out on the Pacific, and not have a worry in the world – just be in total amazement at the power of Mother Nature. It’s with us forever. Pure magic.

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Sunrise Skies