Snow Mass Silence

Limited Edition


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Maroon Bells, Colorado 
Whenever I’m on location I wake with the sun, whether I can see it or not. The day before was gorgeous, but this day was snowy and frigid. I hiked up to this area as the sunlight was contemplating an appearance. It wasn’t like me, but I had to take a moment to drink in the beauty of the wild before me. I was awestruck for a half hour. A single blast of freezing wind shook me back to my senses and I set up, watching the ever-shifting clouds for my moment. As if on cue, the clouds opened and this epic mountain vista appeared, bathed in soft sunlight. The whole scene was white with snow, fog and clouds. Yet everything was grounded in the dark, steady earth beneath. This image absolutely conveys the crisp scent of the day, the freshly chilled air and the feeling of winter settling in for a long stay. It was dream-like. 

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition 

Snow Mass Silence - LIK Fine Art