Screw Auger Falls

Screw Auger Falls

Limited Edition

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Grafton Notch State Park, Maine
I had an image in my head of the ‘perfect’ autumn waterfall shot, and spent weeks in New England searching for it. I hiked through what felt like every inch of the area, and when I reached Screw Auger Falls I knew it was the right location. Sculpted by the glacial waters of Bear River, time has carved its way through the granite to create this delicate yet imposing drop. The diverse surrounding foliage covered the full colour spectrum–usually an area is dominated by one particular colour, but this had it all! I needed overcast, still conditions so I could use a long exposure and achieve a ‘painterly’ feel and I was blessed with the right weather on my second visit there. A vertical composition gave me the scope I needed to encompass both drops of the falls, and I was delighted with this powerful resulting image.  

45 Artist Proof / 950 Limited Edition

Screw Auger Falls